Tips for Instagram Growth in Small Businesses

Even if your business isn’t considered an influencer, Instagram can help you grow your small business. You can reuse everything, from captioned photos to short videos, and engage your audience with relevant content they won’t find elsewhere.

Get to know your platform

If you don’t know everything Instagram can do, you won’t be able to maximize Instagram’s potential.

Instagram’s growth is about content creation and distribution, like any other social media platform. It’s not limited to image- and video-based content. However, it allows you to be creative with your use of that media.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels, for example, are short videos you can overlay with music, augmented reality, and captions. A reel is typically between 15-60 seconds long. You can also create them in advance to upload them later.

Instagram Stories

Another feature is Instagram stories. Reels can only be used to share videos, but Instagram stories allow you to share text content like written posts and links. Stories are subject to a 24 hour time limit. They disappear after that.

Optimize and be verified

Reels and stories allow you to add links to your posts in order to drive traffic to a website, e-commerce shop, or other websites. If you want to grow your brand, you will need to set up a fully-fledged account with verification and an optimized profile.

It’s easy to get verified if you have an online presence. Click on the settings button below your profile tab and then click “request verification” in the account menu. Verification ensures your brand’s protection. Anyone who follows you will know that they are not dealing with an imposter.

Optimizing your profile takes a bit more work:

  • Your username should be different from your account’s name. Use an SEO-rich term in your name field to tell users who you are.
  • Don’t fill your bio with irrelevant hashtags or accounts that you are partnering with. This is a great way for your account to be more visible. You can also increase your audience by creating partnerships.
  • Your bio only has one link, so use it! Depending on your current efforts on Instagram, you might choose to direct your audience directly to your homepage. However, it is possible to use the link for an event page or promotion page.
  • Remember to include messaging! Not only is it a great way of reaching out to celebrities but it can also serve as a perfect method to answer customer questions or solicit feedback.

Have a consistent aesthetic

It is important to ensure that your brand looks consistent across platforms. Your brand will build trust with your audience and make it more memorable. A brand that is memorable will bring in more revenue for your business.

How can you ensure your branding is consistent across all channels? This goes beyond having the correct logo icon and colour palettes. It must feel instantly memorable in the same way as the Golden Arches at McDonald’s make you understand what you’re looking for (and how it can soothe your hunger).

Write user stories or post user-generated content

How many followers you have can affect how often you post to Instagram. Experts recommend that businesses with 1,000-250,000 followers post 2-3 times per day.

It can become tiring. You should consider sharing and posting content from your audience to help build a content library and increase engagement. It’s not necessarily user-generated content, although that can be very valuable. But stories that show your product in action are a great way to get people talking about it.

For example, a shoe shop can share footage of a customer running the Boston Marathon in their shoes. A retailer that sells offroading equipment can share videos of customers taking on Moab. A software company might create a reel that highlights the efficiency benefits of its product in real-life situations.

Follow the rule of thirds on social media

Remember to use the rule if you manage your social media accounts and create your content.

  • Your content should contain a third of the content that is promotional, with your content or products.
  • A third category should be about curating posts that include industry news or user-generated content.
  • Conversation and interaction are the last aspects of customer service.

This simple rule will keep your social media pages from becoming promotional and sterile.

Utilize micro-influencers

The rise of Instagram has led to a new breed of celebrity known as “influencers”. In the past they were called “endorsers,” but now the title “influencer” refers to their ability to influence an audience’s buying decisions.

top influencer can speak highly of your brand. Your brand will be seen by thousands of people, and you’ll get paid a portion of the influencers’ fees.

However, influencers at the top of the pyramid can be expensive. You should instead choose “micro-influencers”, who have a smaller following. You can find micro-influencers that have a smaller audience but are highly targeted on your niche. These influencers are often less expensive than other types and can bring in as many leads if you have multiple micro-influencers.

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