Social Media Marketing Tips for SaaS Start-ups

Social media is where customers control the process. To succeed in social media marketing SaaS, meeting them at their level is important. These tips will help you achieve exactly that.

Find out more about social media platforms

The phrase “social networking” was not common in the 20th century. There are hundreds of social media sites popping up each day trying to grab your attention and a share in the market.

However, you will find that anywhere between 10 and 15 social media sites are worthwhile. Even then, it is only worth it if they meet your needs. Facebook is the dominant social media platform, followed closely by YouTube, Tiki and Instagram. WhatsApp is a major platform in European and Asian markets.

Social media awareness is key

While social media can be used in all areas of the SaaS funnel, the TOFU stage (Top of Funnel) is the best place to use it. Your goal is to create as much awareness as possible. Your goal should be to inform your audience about your products and services and your brand’s values.

Your capabilities and resources will determine how you accomplish this. Not only are status updates available on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but long-form blog content can be used to educate your customers about your industry or teach them how to use your software. You are welcome to share your professional tips and tricks.

Invest in visuals of high quality

Social media marketing for SaaS is not about your platform, but visuals are crucial.

These can be very challenging. The infographics should be clear and detailed. Gifs should be visible on the platform, not a link to a third-party website. High-definition pictures are best, not grainy photos which look like they were shot through a potato.

Partner with others

Social media is collaborative by its very nature. Social media is collaborative. Participating in communities and groups builds our sense of belonging. Therefore, it makes sense to form partnerships with complementary businesses that will benefit your startup.

Start by identifying brands that compliment your business. They could be competitors, or in the same industry. Or they might be in a different niche. For example, a lawn care company might partner with a home-cleaning service to offer bundled services to both customers.

Use social media influencers to your advantage

Marketers used to refer to influencers in years past as endorsers. But the concept is still the same. For a small fee, your company pays someone else to share your product with their followers. You will have to pay more for endorsements from people with larger audiences. So make sure you choose the right influencer to help you reach the most people.

Instead of paying top talent outright, look for mid-level influencers who have a lot of engagements in their market. These influencers will often be open to sponsorship deals as it increases their credibility with their audience. You’ll also be able leverage your relationship with these influencers if they reach more people over time.

Utilise social media paid ads

Paid ads can really help you push the boundaries with your early-stage social media marketing. Facebook is the most successful platform for sharing demographic data with advertisers. Other platforms have also followed their lead.

Marketers have had to use paid ads to reach communities they would not otherwise be able to. Social media’s organic reach has declined over the last couple of years. It is important to build a community that you can communicate with regularly, and then retarget them with offers about your products or services.

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