How to repost on Instagram (Posts Stories Reels)?

Reposting on Instagram is easy if you have permission from the original poster. Instagram allows you to repost content on stories. You can still repost content on Instagram, but you need to contact the original poster.

How do I repost on my Instagram Feed?

Instagram does not offer the ability to repost Stories, Reels, or posts on the Feed.

It is possible to post to your Instagram Feed using one of these two methods.

  • Screenshot
  • App from a third party

The screenshot method

These steps will allow you to use the screenshot technique:

  1. Take a photo of the photo that you are interested in.
  2. Tap on the “New Post” button in your Instagram account.
  3. There are several formats available for the content: Story, Reel and Live. Choose “Post”
  4. Choose the image from your file.
  5. Crop the image and add filters to make it your own.
  6. Use a caption to give credit to the original poster. It is also important to tag them.
  7. Share this post.

Apps from third parties

Here are some trusted options if you decide to use an app from a third party:

  • Repost: For Instagram
  • Repost for Instagram by Sepia Software LLC
  • Repost
  • Repost for Instagram – Regrann

How do you repost Instagram Stories?

You could take a photo and upload it if it was just photos.

Instagram offers many content options, including videos. It can be difficult for marketers to figure out how to post on Instagram.

It will be easy for us.

How do I repost a Story on Instagram?

If they are tagged in Instagram Stories, most people will share them. You can still share the Story, even if it’s not tagged.

We’ll discuss both cases.

Let’s first assume that one of your customers posted an Instagram Story with a mention of your brand. Here’s how you can repost it on Instagram.

You’ll receive a notification in your Direct Messaging when someone you follow tags your brand in their Instagram Story.

You’ll be notified in your message request section if someone you don’t know tags you in their Story.

Important: You cannot stop people from mentioning your name unless you specifically set your preference in the “Allow Mentions From” section of your settings. You have the option to allow mentions from anyone, only you, or all people. You can report any mentions in stories to Instagram.

Follow these steps to repost the Story that you have been tagged in:

  1. Swipe right from your main screen to access your direct messages or click on the messenger symbol at the top-right corner of your Instagram screen.
  2. You’ve been tagged in a story.
  3. Blue colour will be used to write “Add This To Your Story”. Click the button. This will take you to the Instagram Story-sharing screen.
  4. You can edit the Story here and add GIFs and text to it, just as you would when you post a regular Instagram Story.
  5. Next, tap.
  6. You can choose where and who you want to share your Story. You have the option to post Your Story, close friends or your linked Facebook profile.
  7. Send the message.

Instagram auto mentions who originally posted the Story when you repost it.

The mention sharing function will work only if the original poster’s Story and account are public.

Third-party apps are required if you wish to share Stories in which you are not mentioned. As long as the posts are public, third-party apps allow you to repost most Instagram posts.

How do I repost an Instagram post?

You can repost any type of content on Instagram, in addition to post Stories. This is a great way to share content and promote the account you are reposting.

This is how to add Instagram content from others to your Story.

  1. Find the Instagram post that you wish to repost.
  2. Under the post, press the paper airplane symbol.
  3. Select “Add Post To Your Story”
  4. You’re now on the regular Story window, where you can make edits.
  5. Choose where you would like your post to appear.
  6. Send the message.

How do I repost a Reel in Instagram?

Reel can be reposted from any account that is public.

  1. View the full-view reel of the profile that piqued your interest
  2. Tap the Reel to see the paper airplane symbol
  3. You will see a pop-up menu that allows you to choose whether or not you want to include the Reel in the Instagram Story.
  4. Post the Reel Editable Version

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