How do you choose the best social media management tool for your business?

Social media is now a fundamental part of business and life.

Customer support

You will need help when you first start using a social media tool. Are they able to offer training? What response time do they take to customer questions? Are they available via channels that are easy to reach?

Tools for team collaboration

Social media management can include many activities such as publishing, designing and responding to customers. Different team members may also perform analysis. Your tool should support a seamless workflow between your team members to be consistent and efficient.

Analytics and Reporting

Do you remember the goals that were set? Analytics allows you to keep track of metrics and key performance indicators that will help you measure your success. You can track likes, shares and comments, as well as clicks. Can you get data reports that will help you make informed decisions regarding your social media strategy?

Supported social media platforms

You should ensure that you choose a tool with the most features. Instead of having four social media management tools you can use, it’s better to choose one that supports the platforms your ideal customers use.

Your team can also collaborate on one platform, which is more productive. HopperHQ supports Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. (Tiktok & Pinterest are coming soon!)


How much do you have to spend on this social media management tool Price of social media tools is dependent on many factors, such as the number and type of platforms supported, the number of users, etc.

Once you have found the right tool for your company, make sure to check out the free features and decide if any paid features are necessary.

The monthly payments are more affordable if you pay annually. HopperHQ offers a 14-day free trial without any hidden fees. This includes 1 social account (1 Instagram account and 1 Facebook account), 1 LinkedIn account and 1 Twitter account. You can get a bulk discount if you manage multiple accounts or are an agency.

You can decide if you prefer to pay for specific features or all of them, even if it is features your team might not use. Compare the ROI and the cost. Is it worth it


You may need to increase the number of social profiles and team members as your business grows.

Is the social media marketing tool charged per user or a flat fee? What will these costs be as you make the changes? This is an important factor because it allows you to plan for future expenses and helps you prepare for them.

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