Hair transplant treatment if you become AGA on a diet

In recent years, the number of health-conscious men has increased, and the number of people who are on a diet to prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases is increasing.
However, excessive dieting to lose weight quickly can cause AGA and accelerate the progression of thinning hair.

AGA is caused by the effects of heredity and androgens, but it can also be caused by diet and lifestyle.

Since hair grows on nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, if you eat an unbalanced diet due to dietary restrictions, the nutrition will not reach the hair and growth will slow down. ..
AGA can also be caused by the fact that dieting makes you more likely to feel stress.

To treat AGA, it is important to first review your diet and lifestyle to create an environment where hair can grow easily.
When AGA gets worse, it becomes difficult to self-treat, so if you start to worry about thinning hair, deal with it immediately.

Even advanced AGA can be treated at the clinic.
It takes time for hair growth agents to take effect, and some people may not feel the effect, but hair transplantation that can be done at the clinic is a treatment method that implants hair directly in the scalp, so it is a treatment method that can always eliminate thinning hair. It has become popular.

Until a long time ago, flocking with artificial hair was the mainstream, but nowadays it is common to transplant your own hair.
By using your own hair, you can treat with confidence without causing rejection.
The transplanted hair will grow like normal hair even after it comes off, so I’m happy that once the treatment is done, the thinning hair can be permanently eliminated.

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