For women’s FAGA, it is also a good way to grow hair with Lilyge etc.

Most of AGA seems to be androgenetic alopecia because male hormones affect AGA.
However, with different characteristics, it also happens to women.
For women, it is sometimes called FAGA.

AGA is mainly caused by androgen degeneration and invasion of hair matrix cells, while female FAGA is affected by female hormones.
The female hormone estrogen, which has the function of growing hair, decreases with age, and due to the effects of male hormones that are also present in women, hair loss similar to AGA is more likely to occur in women.
Causes other than aging include stress, excessive dieting, and lifestyle disorders.
Unlike AGA for men, FAGA does not continue to lose hair, so to improve it, take ingredients that regulate female hormones such as soy products to balance hormones and reduce stress. Improvement is important.
In addition, since symptoms may progress due to anxiety, it is a good idea to try improvement using a hair-growth shampoo or consult a specialist.
As the number of female faga is increasing, various hair restorers are on the market.

One of them is Lilyge.
Lilyge is a medicated hair-growth scalp essence for women.
Since thinning hair is affected by the dryness of the scalp, it is an essence that prevents the scalp from drying out and moisturizes and moisturizes the hair.
We use natural materials and super hyaluronic acid for Lilyge, and focus on moisturizing care.

Suntory also sells hair restorers for women.
If you continue to care for your pores but it doesn’t work, it’s Suntory’s hair restorer.
Suntory’s hair restorer is a hair restorer that breaks through the sebum clogging of pores, and removing the sebum clogging makes it easier for the active ingredient to penetrate.

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