Amazing Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

#1 Announcements

Instagram Stories are great for companies to announce new products or staff members.

These moments offer a great opportunity to share behind-the-scenes footage that might not be featured on your main profile. You and your followers will feel privy to all the latest information, as well as the opportunity to get to know you better. To make your Instagram Story more engaging, you can add multiple images.

Personal insights can be used to package a new product or play pranks on colleagues. These insights will show the human side of your company and help increase brand awareness and engagement.

#2 Collaborations

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect influencers and brands!

It is possible to team up with relevant businesses that you believe your followers would benefit from knowing, or even a customer who happens to be an influencer. Let me give you an example.

The content curators Quuu work in a remote team. Their Instagram account focuses on remote work and coworking.

HopperHQ was working remotely in February. We saw an opportunity to collaborate. To feature their profile, we prepared “A Day in the Life of a Remote Team”. Their team created a series of video tips to stay productive while working remotely that we posted on our Story.

#3 Story Highlights

Since December 2017, Instagram Story Highlights has been a game-changer.

They serve as a personal showcase of the ‘best bits’ for regular users. For brands, however, the ability to pin Stories to your profile acts as an extension to your bio.

Highlights can be used by businesses to show people who visit your page who and what they do, as well as your product or services. With an eye-catching cover, create Stories for the purpose of being Highlights. They’ll turn your Instagram page into a brochure.

#4 Polls

No more boring customer questionnaires! Get your answers in a few taps!

You can drive engagement with your followers by using polls in your Instagram Stories. These can be used for market research, customer feedback, or simply to get to know your audience.

There are many polls to choose from, so it is possible to create highly relevant campaigns that target your brand and target audience.

#5 Questions

Brands can invite their audience to ask any questions they want, and also use the questions sticker to do so!

This is a wonderful feature to build a community and encourage customer interaction. Showing that they care about customers’ opinions and being available to answer any questions makes a brand trustworthy, kind, and human. This in turn leads to customer loyalty.

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