About BubbleTweet
Designed to offer Twitter members a fun, quick, and simple way to share video comments with fellow followers, BubbleTweet is a free service provided by BubbleComment.com and is fully owned by KShermanStudios LLC., a privately held group located in Sausalito, CA. Feel free to email us or tweet "bubbleguru" directly with any questions you might have.

BubbleTweet is part of a suite of video services that include...
BubbleComment.com - BubbleComment makes it a snap to quickly create and share video comments that play directly over your own website or in a stand-alone webpage.

Designed to help you make the digital "human-connection" with others... it's great for marketing and sales campaigns, customer responses, educational material, and much, much more!

BubbleTweet.com - Enables anyone using the Twitter® social media service to record or upload short video messages that speak directly to their followers.

BubbleJoy.com - Quick-n-Easy Free Video Cards...BubbleJoy enables you to quickly create and design custom video cards that are easy to share with others by simply using your webcam.

BubbleTestimonial.com Designed to greatly reduce all the time-consuming aspects of gathering, organizing, and posting of customer testimonials material. It enables customers to submit their own testimonial information directly to your group and includes an easy-to-use web-based administration system.

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